I am among those born in the street (not literally). We street children develop strong skin to face the wild and I had better opportunities because my mother was a pimp. A powerful pimp, no fucker of a man dared manhandle her girls. Nah! She gave them the best life, provided for them and there was no lacking in the house.
Omo I always wanted to take over but my ma wouldn’t let me learn, talkless of going join the party.
She always tells me “Edna I want you be educated and be one of those fine wealthy bitches. This life not good for you. Never forget that!”.
But I didn’t want to be amongst those fine educated bitches rather wanted this life; being a pimp.

Mama wouldn’t hear me. She sent me all the way to my uncle who’s uptight and work long hours in his business company like he got nothing else to do.
I hated my new life. I wanted to go back to the street. I am sent to some private high school and I hate the way they think. Their minds were wrapped in books and changing the world. A world that was too fucked up to be changed. It suck as hell.
I hated that in this developed society, some of this brainless male folks saw me as weak vessel.
For godsake I am no weak vessel. They should come to the street and I had change their perception in freaking two days after beating the hell outta them. That got me laughing. I felt good within myself.

Few months later, I heard mama was sick so I had to go back home to be with her.
Mehn I was happy.
Couldn’t wait to go all the way to Warri where mama lives and maintain the girls.
What I like about ma was that she never saw herself as a mere woman or some weak pussy nah rather decided to be amongst the best, equal to other male pimps.

My mama was never harsh to the girls. She was more like a mother to them.

I came home around October. Couldn’t believe the sight of my ma, she looked different. Pale, that’s the word.
I was moved to tears.
“Is that you Edna?” Ma asked and I croak out.
“Yes ma” I said “I came for you”
“How’s the school?”

I almost muttered ‘Boring as hell”, but I decided to go for-
“It fine, ma”.
“I always knew you would fit in” Suddenly I felt death cutting off her life.

“Mama!” I cried out. “Mama, I lied. My life belongs here” But she was gone. Left me in this world to survive on my own.
Since my useless father left ma when I was only a baby.
Imagine that?
Survive I did. It was tough. So I decided to take up the pimp business.

My uncle came home to give my ma a befitting burial and ask that I come join him.
I refused.
He stared at me disappointedly “Your ma wouldn’t like this”
“My ma isn’t here” I responded.
“You know, I always thought you be wiser than your mama ’cause u got good brains. Seems I’m wrong. Whenever you change your mind, here’s my card, call me”.
He left.
I never came to him. My pride won’t let me. Neither would my passion to be a pimp change as well.

I got to learn from my mama girls how the game works. It was tough at first. I took some karate lessons, that taught me how to use a gun professionally, and how to overthrow your enemies.
It was tough but I welcomed the challenge.

Soon I was good to go.
Took my girls sometimes to Lagos, Abuja, Port harcout, Calabar in Nigeria, all those fine places where I’m sure a man gonna want to eat some pussy.

They didn’t just screw around, they did blow job, go stripping at club.
Men came rolling in.

My next agenda was to own a strippers club and my girls gonna work their ass up. No money, no pussy.
That’s my rules. I don’t give no free services. You want to eat, be ready to pay. It went on and on. Money kept flowing in and I lack nothing.

It went on and on. Money came flowing in like I lacked nothing.

I grew rich every seconds of the day.

It was like showers of blessings in the form of supplous of monies.

One of those days I met my missing rib: a man.
I don’t do girls. I think I prefer the sinking deep and out, not the rubbing of skin to skin with no opposite organs.
Bored me out.

His name was Timothy. A Christian name but no Christian. He knew how to fuck one’s brains out and fuck me he did like an horse.
Oh mehn.

Timothy was my partner in crime.
Unknowing to me, he got problem with zipping up.

I didn’t know he went frolicking with my girls, just as he was screwing my brains out.

He also forced them to do drugs, bringing his male friends to ride them as well.

My girls started leaving, running for their dear lives.
I wondered why.
Until one of the girls got the balls to spat the truth right on my face.
At first I didn’t believe no shit ’cause how could Timothy, my lover boy do such a horrible thing to me.

On the other hand, I knew my girls never lie.

I looked into it and I caught him red-handed.
Instead of him asking for forgiveness, he abused me. Telling me I’m a stupid bitch.
That day I beat the hell outta him showing him how bitchy I could be.
From then on and to the future I became smarter and wiser.
Wasn’t wise enough ’cause I discover I was pregnant.
Gave birth to a bouncy baby boy.

I loved him with all of my heart and promise to teach him my business.

Well my life went on after that. Owned later on a stripping club and chains of hotels.

I would say my wish of becoming a pimp came to reality.

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