The word ‘tired’ shouldn’t only be related to exhaustion.

The English America Dictionary defined tired as “in need of some rest or sleep. Fed up, annoyed, irritated, sick of. Overused, cliché and ineffectual; incompetent.”

To me, it should be deem as giving up. Giving up on everything in life. Giving up on life and it challenges. Giving up on the act of pretence. Giving up on the fake life led.

People tend to say “I am tired” but no one seems to be interested. They disregard when people outwardly mentioned being tired. Don’t you think that is the reason for increase of suicide today.

Tired doesn’t only focus on exhaustion, fatigue, fed up, annoyance, irritation, overused, incompetent and sick of, it goes further to talk of our personal individual lives.

Save a life today by listening to their tired complaints!

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