Career choice

Mary Ann has always dreamed of being an actress, but there were lots of sacrifices to be made. And, she didn’t know if she was capable of making those sacrifices.

After graduating from the University of Calabar with second class upper in Theatre and Media Studies, her parents got involved in a ghastly road accident that took their lives, leaving her alone in the country of Nigeria to fend for herself and survive on her own.

And you know how tough life in Nigeria could be, especially to the poor and middle classes. As for the wealthy class there was bliss.

Out of pity, her father’s brother, Mr. Jonathan Asuquo; a man of God took her into his home on the basis that she disregard her dreams of becoming an actress. Was that even possible? Could Mary Ann give up her dreams of being an actress? For Christ sake, that’s what she is passionate about. She desire to be like Mercy Johnson, Ini Edo, Tonto Dikeh, Mama J, and all other popular actresses.

But to eat and to have a roof over her head, she must let go of her career pursuit in becoming an actress, which she did. As if that wasn’t enough, her uncle ordered that all her trousers, mini skirts, jewelleries, and her wigs be burnt. She was forced to wear long skirts that reaches her feets, wear long dresses and do natural hairstyles to reflect Christ in her lifestyle. Her uncle was a powerful man of God in Living Bible Church. He took the scriptures to heart, yet his children were nothing good to write home about. They were wayward – Enobong and Okon.

If Pastor Asuquo had a way, he would have insisted that Mary Ann pick a Jamb form to study another course in the University, but his wife wouldn’t agree. Instead, Mrs Asuquo suggested that Mary Ann should go work as a graduate assistant in the Department of Theatre and Media Studies so that she can make enough money to further her master’s degree program and be able to fend for herself.

Mrs. Asuquo desired Mary Ann out of her house forever. Unknowingly to them, they were paving way for her dream to be actualised. But, how?

Mary Ann began her graduate Assistant job in May, 2012 at the University of Calabar, Nigeria. In a way, she was happy that she was working in the same department she graduated from, so it wasn’t difficult to maneuver her way through.

Due to her hardworking and diligent attributes, she distinguished herself from other graduate assistants working there. The Head of Department, Mr. Philips, took notice of her and decided to add her to the list of casts in a movie that will be casted with other popular actors and actresses. When Mary Ann was informed of the changes, she was thrilled and screamed for joy. God did it!

Of course when Mr. Asuquo heard of the new arrangements, he wasn’t thrilled. He accused his wife for causing this to occur. But, his wife said to him, “You can’t hinder her, honey, it is her career choice. At least now that she is out of the way, there would be enough food for us”


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