I am in love wasn’t the pattern of Josh and Mary’s marriage, rather I hate you, maybe because it was an arranged marriage.

Marriage conducted based on the financial stability of Mary’s family.
They were known across Lagos State as the happening family with the source.

Unlike Josh’s family who were going bankrupt in their business. Since Josh and Mary’s fathers were close friends and friends help each other in the time of needs, so this was the best and possible solution.

Josh never fancied Mary, saw her as being uptight and way out of his cruising league. Mary, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with Josh; Lagos sought after bachelor and a womaniser.

So, you can imagine such union, right?
Mary seems quiet and responsible, being brought up from a Christian home who strongly hold the faith of Jesus Christ firmly.

Of course Josh’s family were Christian but enjoyed spending excess time on frivolities and social life of Lagos.

These were distinct adults coming to build a marriage, so it wasn’t the love you marriage rather I detest your guts marriage.
But they had no choice in their decisions, they were joined on 20th December 2019 at the Methodist Church Of God and given a house gift from their mothers.

Mary couldn’t believe how her life has suddenly changed to a nightmare with Josh who never stayed at home. Rather partied, clubbed, and slept with as many ladies as possible.

Despite Mary’s effort to make the marriage work, Josh wasn’t ready to give it a try. He was adamant to flex his life.

But that life of fun ended when he was in an unfortunate accident that destroyed his friends life and left him paralysed only in his two legs.

His parents were disappointed in him, and reminded him of all their warnings to him to cease his loose life.
Well, Josh found himself in a wheel chair and it was as if his walls came tumbling down.
How would he survive? He ponders frustrated and depressed. For him, this was the end of his life.

Shockingly, Mary was by him comforting and encouraging him never to give up on himself. Telling him, being in wheel chair isn’t the end of the world.

This was the lady that should have been annoyed at him and use this opportunity to make him pay for all the disappointment, scorn and disgrace he has brought upon her.

No! She chose the path of forgiveness and helping him.

He became cruel to her out his frustration, yet Mary wouldn’t give up, after all Josh is her husband in ‘sickness and in good health’.

This caused him to puzzle why the love and attention, the care from the same wife he has countlessly hated and verbally abused.

The puzzlement led to regrets for all his wrongs towards his wife.
This regrets blossom into love as he got closer to God and his relationship with God stronger.

Josh fell in love with his wife.

The saucy attitudes changed completely.
The hatred turn to love, although Josh lost his leg, he never lost his dear wife and his two beautiful girls.




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