At times I reflect. I reflect on my past. The present. And, most times my future. It makes me re-evaluate my life and my decisions so far.

I have much to regret in my past because of not re-evaluating, but now I am practicing reflection, it saves the day. It obviously does.

To me, reflection is more than thinking seriously of the times in lives, moments of life and decisions made. To me, reflection is mirroring me and society through my introspective.

At times I wake up sweaty. Deep in thoughts. Scolding myself and I don’t know if you must have experienced it. It’s crazy, this feeling. But, then I stop, take a deep breath and do the mirroring me and mirroring society exercise and I come to a conclusion that everyone has flaws. Has issues. Has bad habits. Faces difficult circumstances. So, why the bother? Then decisions are made and I am back to moving with life.

Reflection is a healing process too. Mirroring your predicament to that of others who must have faced this, and still comes out strong. Better. And ready to take life by it anus. If life got anus.

Reflection shapes you. Changes your perspectives. Improves your mindset. And, widens your scope.

Don’t forget to re-evaluate too. It’s part of the process of shaping your present to a better present. It’s part of making you develop healthy habits to change your perspectives of life. Widen your scope. And, bring out that hidden potential of yours to the open.


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